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Smart Sleep Care Solutions
Based on sophisticated sleep measurements via EEG detection, our product uses scientific analysis of your sleep patterns and physical information to provide solutions for a better-quality sleep.
Analyzes sleep stage with accuracy through EEG detection and AI learning, and induces personalized sleeping patterns to improve sleep quality.
"Interactive Sleep-Mate"
The world's first interactive Sleep Tra-ider (Tracker & Aider) that tracks the user's status real time and provides a personalized sleep stage guidance for each user.
Real-time Sleep Tracking
It directly measures brainwaves with the EEG sensor of the earbuds to determine the exact sleep stage the user is in. brid.zzz has a much higher accuracy than a regular smart watch., which only estimates sleep stage according to motion recognition.
Offers optimal sleeping pattern
It suggests optimized sleeping patterns for the user by analyzing the big data of sleep stages. From physical factors such as age, gender, body type, to environmental factors such as occupation and amount of exercise, the analysis is made in consideration of the user's unique data.
Change sleep-stage with Binaural Beats
Using the optimized sleeping patterns derived from the user's lifestyle, it induces the user to the required sleep stage with binaural beats music and improves sleep quality.
Evolves to provide personalized service
With the auto-tracking function, it monitors and learns the algorithm of effective sleep inducement for the users. It adjusts sleeping patterns every day by the changes in life patterns, and continuously uses machine learning to provide a personalized service fit for each.
Sleep Index Algorithm
Presenting the most ideal sleeping pattern
"Sleep Index" is a self-developed algorithm by brid.zzz that applies the Hidden Makov Model and analyzes the similarity of sleep data at different times. It offers the most ideal sleeping pattern for each user by linking and learning the fluctuations like the user's life data, sleep environment, habits, etc.
Adaptive Stimulus Algorithm
Inducing sleep stage changes with real time stimulation
Adaptive Stimulus algorithm continuously monitors the users. It stimulates in real time to effectively induce the sleep stages required—to fall asleep easily, transition from light to deep sleep state, and even wake up naturally.
Dynamic Binaural Beat
Improves sleep stage with variable frequency of binaural beats
Dynamic Binaural beat is a resonance technology that synchronizes brainwaves with different frequencies of signals heard in the left and right ear. The brainwaves from each sleep stage are artificially generated at the right time, inducing the user to reach the sleep stage that he or she needs.
EEG Sensor for Detection
Monitor your sleep with accuracy even at home
When you wear the earbuds, the device will directly measure the brainwaves with the single channel EEG sensor. You can now easily monitor your sleep at home using the wearable earbuds, which automatically measure and analyze the sleep stage with accuracy.
What we done

α Test ('21.10)

Test Overview
Total Experiment Time
(12person x 10day)
Test Result
Sleep Latency
Deep Sleep
Customer Response
Sleep Efficiency
Willing to Buy
PCT Patents
Global Patent
Structure, Sensor,

β Test ('22.10)

Test Overview
Total Experiment Time
(1,000person x 100day)
Test Result
Ideal Sleep Pattern
(Gender x Years)
Proved Stimulus
(On sleep sound: 70/ DBB: 6)
Customer Response
Sleep Quality Improvement
(Respondents 489)
Everyday User
(100days users among 1,000)
PCT Patents
Global Patents
EEG sensing structure,
Sleep-stage control algorithm,
Dynamic sound stimulation
Our mission
"Global Sleep Care Solution"
Do not neglect your 8 hours of sleep,
Manage with sleep care solutions
It uses a medically proven EEG-based technology to build a big data platform for sleep care and provides personalized solutions to improve sleep quality.
SLEEPWAVE is an AI platform company created by those who wished to scientifically manage the "neglected 8 hours of sleep" to improve the quality of life. The team consists of Hardware and Software engineers who develop new mobile devices at LG Electronics and the planners of Global Open Innovation in search of new technologies. With a total of 120 years of experience in product development, we have been creating products with high accuracy, stability, and usability.
Introduced at CES 2023, Sleepwave verified its single channel EEG detection and sleep inducement algorithm with 150 ordinary people at 5 major sleep centers of large hospitals, as well as comparative analysis polysomnography results, confirming accuracy in sleeping patterns.
In addition, we have performed a beta test starting in October 2022 for 90 days, testing a total of 1,000 people. We not only verified the efficacy of sleep management but also the personalized algorithm of the built-in sounds.